The Rules of the Chinese Downhill…There Are No Rules

Depending on your age, your primary frame of reference for a Hollywood skiing movie is one of two: Hot Dog…the

Depending on your age, your primary frame of reference for a Hollywood skiing movie is one of two: Hot Dog…the Movie, or Aspen Extreme. We can, should, have, and will debate the merits of each, but the one thing we should never, ever do is let them fade. Here then, is one of the best skiing scenes from either of those movies — or any others, for that matter: The Chinese Downhill from Hot Dog.

Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal.
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  • Rob S.

    I just watched this the other week, and it’s quite literally my fav movie of all time. I’ll have to give Aspen Extreme another spin, but this movie takes about 15 minutes to get to the first topless scene, and doesn’t disappoint thereafter.

    Also, this movie is exactly what I though my life would be like when I grew up starting at about 8 years old.

    Honorable mention to Ski Patrol, mostly for that schizophrenic snowboarder dude.

    • Harkin Banks


    • Harkin Banks

      Also, Aspen Extreme was a great flick, and Ski Patrol too. But nothing beats Hot Dog. After I first saw it, I dreamed of getting an old truck and going off to win glory with my simple, rustic charm.

      Sadly, I was more Squirrel than Harkin.

      But years later I got a hummer in a gondola (the Peak-to-Peak at Whistler), so, you know, it sort of worked out.

  • Steve H.

    The merits of both these cinematic high bars are best appreciated through the use of extensive pharmacology. Downhill Racer, on the other hand, can be viewed sober, although a heaping dose of fondue helps with context.

  • Devon

    OMG this is awesome. I LOVE this film. I grew up in this ski culture and remember my parents and aunt/uncle watching and all the kids had to stay in the basement when it was first out. Saw it later and LOVED when it came to DVD. Funniest thing it to watch it on edited TV. The entire hot tub scene is cut so Hungry Like the Wolf stops and starts. Really funny.

  • Voice of Steezin'

    The sweater at the end. That’s all I have to say.

  • ryan

    gotta love 80’s ski films, can we invent a time machine and go back in time to make some more.

  • Slopestar

    You can ski on zis side and you can ski on zat side but stay out of zi middle

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