Bike Shops Shouldn’t Need a Disclaimer Like This

Bike Shops Shouldn’t Need a Disclaimer Like This

THE BEST BIKESHOP TAGLINE. And it also makes me sad. The fact that it stands out to me, the fact

THE BEST BIKESHOP TAGLINE. And it also makes me sad.

The fact that it stands out to me, the fact that people first expect bike shop employees will be uppity and are surprised when they’re kind, is not right.

I’m lucky to have found some good ones full of good people lately. Even here on my visit to NYC. Stumbled in to get some shelter from the rain, had a nice, brief chat and they were as kind as could be.

They were not dicks.

And the funny thing is, I’m optimistic that trend is catching on with other bike shops.

Let’s hope it does. Enough so that this tagline will be rendered irrelevant.

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  • Ben Carlson

    Reminds me of a post I read recently about a bike shop closing where the author wasn’t surprised because the store thought they were in the “bike business” when really they should have been in the “people business”. Struck me as a pretty profound thought.

    • michael frank

      This is true for every service business. Can someone please tell the airlines this?

  • Anthony

    Agreed. Most non-cyclist’s are not going to first think of a real bike shop as a welcoming place because the last time they went in to one to get there bike tuned/tube replaced/kid’s bike adjusted/one pair of bike shorts/streamers/tractor sized saddle/etc they were looked upon as dullards and imbeciles from the mid-30’s guy working for $8/hr so he can get 25% parts and free spins of the wrenches in the back while bragging about his latest almost mid-pack finish at the local Cat 4 crit.

    Thankfully many shops, Over the Edge in Fruita being one of them, have realized we all ride bikes to have fun, so be a fun place to spend some hard-earned greenies and welcome us with open arms when we have questions or need that one part to get back to our ride.

  • Jody Kaufman

    Anthony – Bravo! Could not have said it better.

  • shop perspective

    This “best of craiglist” post sums it up:

    • michael frank

      Thanks @shop perspective for making me laugh… And although the entirety of that craigslist rant deserves a read, if you don’t have the time, the take away:
      “You’re not a racer. If you were, I’d know you already, and you wouldn’t be here, and we both know it.”

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