A Video In Praise of Cross-Country Flow

Fantastic clip of amazing 12 kilometer loop near Lake Wanaka, New Zealand.

Wow, this might be a first: a cross-country mountain biking film that will inspire you to ride. Not only is it cross-country, not freeride, DH, or pseudo-MX, it starts with Justin Leov riding uphill — uphill — and it’s still a buzz to watch.

Kudos to filmmaker Tim Pierce, who did a masterful job with the pacing, camera work, and editing, and conveys a ride across the beautiful and muted autumn landscape near Lake Wanaka, New Zealand, with rhythm, excitement, and flow. Too often, bike films rely on money shots of hucking to inflate artificially the stoke, leaving out much of the in between. Pierce’s film has just a couple tiny incidental airs — the tires are rooted through the ride — and yet it’s as stimulating as any cycling flick. Maybe because it’s easy to picture yourself railing those berms, humping up the hills, and skidding to a halt down by the river with heart pounding and spirit on fire.

Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal.
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  • Norcalpete

    What – no body armor? No full face helmet? (not even gloves) No Red Bull shenanigans? This video makes me want to GET OUT AND RIDE! Thank you!!

  • Laidlaw

    This is a great video, thanks for posting Steve! For anyone that’s interested in the technical aspects of the shoot, Tim has a whole post about it at: http://timpierceblog.com/2012/04/23/deans-bank-justin-leov/


  • Marit

    A man who has so much skill and power that he can freewheel on the ups? Wow. This is awesome. It doesn’t only make me want to ride, it makes me want to go there, to that trail, and ride.

  • colby

    first cycling vid i’ve seen in a while where there isn’t some pro locking up the brakes and tail sliding through the corners! i hate that, that makes kids think that locking up in the corners is the cool thing to do. just makes for an endless supply of trail destroyers.

  • chris

    What about Ride the Divide. directed by Hunter Weeks?

  • PedroSEQ

    AJ Rocks. Again.

  • Erin

    Great clip, oh oh I miss Wanaka.

  • juan

    my hopes were high, but Im afraid this is one for the more sedate mountain biker who appreciates a nice audi or a cannon dslr more than a loose fast corner, or proper tech climbs

    @ cloby Its called drifting a corner, and it IS a cool thing to do! and when did skidding ever get a trail closed? ever? the nimbys who reck trails would do it anyway even if every mountain biker in the world went to the same church as them, and promised god to never intentionally break traction, wear bright clothes, or be younger/have more fun, than anyone else.

    I ride bikes. I ride cross, xc, dh, skate park, and even road, and that vid was middle of the road nothing and as dull as dishwater. Quite why the guy needs four grand mtb to ride a trail so smooth it could be carpeted ill never know, ive ridden rougher bmx tracks… on a bmx!

    Id rather watch a pro smashing corners any day…… Then go out and smash some myself because my bike skiding, or walkers getting angry doesn’t scare me.

    Heres some proper xc:
    Mojo Trail Diaries: Episode 1 Part 2 on pinkbike.com

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