Horn-Crazy Driver Busted for Harassing Cyclists

Horn-Crazy Driver Busted for Harassing Cyclists

Cyclists have been harassed by drivers for years with little to no recourse, but thanks to technology and changing attitudes

Cyclists have been harassed by drivers for years with little to no recourse, but thanks to technology and changing attitudes among law enforcement, justice increasingly is being served: The driver who hassled two road cyclists in Colorado this week by following them and honking his horn obsessively for three minutes has been charged with four misdemeanors by the Colorado State Patrol.

Seventy-five year old James Ernst, 75, of Erie, Colorado, was cited for improper use of his horn, two counts of harassment, and — this is the most delightfully schadenfreudenistic part — impeding traffic. Ernst was caught on video by Dirk Friel, a former pro roadie, developer of TrainingPeaks software, and coach, who used his iPhone to capture the incident.

“I’m happy they were able to find [Ernst], and maybe something like this won’t happen again with him,” Friel told Bicycle Retailer.

CSP Trooper Joshua Mills said, “Together with victims and witnesses, CSP worked with the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office in an effort to find and correctly charge the alleged driver. The Colorado State Patrol wishes to remind everyone to share the road with courtesy with everyone, regardless whether they are pedestrians, bikers, or other motor vehicles.”

Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal.
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  • Beren

    Really refreshing to see that some justice was served in this incident. Thanks for the follow-up details. I hope this guy learns his lesson. Then again, old dog, new tricks… Time will tell I guess.

  • Kurt

    Yes! Glad to know he didn’t get away with endangering the lives of a couple bikers on the side of the road. I would like to see him serve community service, specifically, picking up trash on the side of the road…a busy road…with lots of noisy traffic.

  • Joshua Duggan

    You’ve really gotta watch the video to see how crazy this incident was. Be sure to crank up the volume to blaring to really get a feel for what it must have been like.


  • Thomas Beuke

    Better yet he should have his license suspended and sentence him to commute by bicycle so he gets a real sense of the danger he puts other bicyclists in.

  • Mike Latoris

    @ Thomas Beuke – I couldn’t have said it better myself. Put the old fart in an orange, community-service jumpsuit and make him cycle the same road for his 20 hours or service. Then let Darwin handle the rest… One less problem driver.

  • sam

    here in arizona, it is illegal to honk at cyclists. 200 dollar citation if evidence is shown.

  • mtnrunner2

    Woo-hoo! Sane people: 1, psycho geriatric: 0!

  • Me

    Everyone who rides has had this type of asshat blow their horn at them. I think if more Judges, Prosecutors and Police rode bikes, things would change!

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