World’s Largest Ski Dome to be Shaped Like a Snowflake

Well, they can dream. A skiing travel agency in Denmark, which sends its customers all over the globe in pursuit

Well, they can dream. A skiing travel agency in Denmark, which sends its customers all over the globe in pursuit of snow (everywhere but home, basically), wants to keep some of those krone in the motherland and build the world’s largest manmade skiing facility, the 1,000,000 square foot Skidome Denmark, with a vertical of 360 feet. Currently, the biggest is in Dubai (see awesome video here), at 242,000 square feet and 200 vertical.

The Skidome is the collaborative brainchild of tour operator Danski and the architectural firm CEBRA. It would combine three giant arches into a six-sided, snowflake-shaped superstructure located over the Gudenåen River. And unlike most indoor ski arenas, its walls would be perforated to allow skiers to see out. Of course, this would seem to make cooling a bit of an issue, but Danski hasn’t addressed that directly, except to say that the Skidome will be “environmentally friendly” and powered by solar and geothermal.

Each of the three arches would allow different steepnesses — for beginner, intermediate, and experts — and the pitches would be contoured for variety so you aren’t just skiing corduroy day after day. There would be a park and pipe and three kilometers of trails altogether.

Practical details on the Skidome are few, and the costs would certainly be astronomical. And there’s also the question of demand. But skiers are skiers, and as Jordan Manley’s trip to Dubai shows, where there’s snow, someone will be making turns.

Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal.
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  • Beren

    I don’t consider myself a hard-core environmentalist or anything, but this just seems like a horrible use of money and resources. Is there anything LESS sustainable than a massive indoor ski resort? I can’t think of anything.

  • Darryl

    It is not a waste of money or resources if it saves so many trips that people would have take to go to the mountains. Plus, recreational facilities are good for a community’s citizens as long as they have equal access to equipment and usage. I think that this is a really cool idea!

  • baxter

    There comes a time when one tells the truth. skiing is about being in nature, challenging the forces of man against the mountain. Not this Architects wet dream, foisted upon the public. This proposal does not even rate a good laugh, just a sigh of despair.

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