Moments of Regret: When Your Father’s An Idiot

Parenting is harder than it looks, and it doesn’t look particularly easy. And one must be careful not to judge,

Parenting is harder than it looks, and it doesn’t look particularly easy. And one must be careful not to judge, but in the case of this dad shoving his grom down a slope that too’s steep for him, it’s probably okay to make that leap. What’s especially egregious is that the kid will likely blame skiing, when it’s his DB dad that should get the finger.

Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal.
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  • mims

    poor kid, hopefully his dad won’t throw him in the deep end of the pool without swimming lessons too.
    As parents, we always tried to set the kids up too succeed rather than fail (waiting for ideal conditions, keeping it fun and safe, making sure the kids had buy in, rewards, and plenty of instruction). This video was, too use some oft repeated but entirely apropo words: an epic fail. Mind you, we definitley used some gentle coercion along the way too….otherwise they would choose to play video games the livelong day. I think gaming has been one of the biggest impediements/hassles to parenting this generation.

  • Craig Rowe

    I watched an overbearing ass like this push his crying, terrified son up the cables at Half Dome. Everyone along the climb was talking about it. Poor kid.

  • Graham Wilkie

    I don’t usually make comments, but this one got me incensed enough. This dad needs a wake up call before he harms this kid physically, he’s already doing more than enough mental harm. I’m a ex ski racer, love skiing and wish that everyone could learn to love this sport. I taught my son to ski at age 3 using the techniques that mims talks about, it’s common sense for most people. Nice warm spring days, good snow conditions, gentle slopes, learn to turn and stop before moving too fast and gradual progression. Now he loves to ski and wants more all the time. Yeah sure it helped that I am an instructor too, if you are not, then get lessons for your children, don’t just put a helmet on them, take them up with you and push them off in front of you. Mine stayed behind me until I knew he could stop on any terrain. One thing I will say though is that I got him a Wii game called wii ski and he learned the ski environment from that, everything from the need to make turns to getting on the chairlift, which by the way was never fearful for him. So in this case a video game actually helped (who knew), but yes I have to drag him away from the console to live life once in a while 😉

  • Steven Threndyle (@threndyleski)

    Well, I’d be lying if I said this hadn’t happened to my kids when they were younger; both of whom got over it very quickly (in one case, we weren’t that familiar with the hill and I had to ski with my son between my legs down a pretty steep slope that I hadn’t properly scoped before). This is of course a good argument for lessons but a lot of times parents can’t afford them. A lot of kids drop out of skiing because ‘their parents made ’em do it.’ Not all kids take to it, either – even after years of lessons, etc. They just want to do their own thing. So… who posted this video, then? That social media can sure bit you in the butt…

  • Anonymous

    Kind of agree with ‘mims’. Look, I doubt that the father would do this again, given the outcome, but he also would not have put his son through this if he thought that this was going to happen. Many fathers will think that their son’s learn from experience and this chap is no exception.

    Yes, his son CANNOT ski and it was naive to think otherwise but may be he also had the belief that his son was so great…that he could! You can’t criticise him for having belief in his son, only that clearly he’s bl**dy clueless when it comes to skiing…!

  • RB


  • E

    And sharing a video of such ass-hattery accomplishes…what, exactly? Ugh. Wish I hadn’t watched that.

  • Dave Bibbs

    Thanks dad for having enough ego for the two of us. Another corporate mogul in the making.

  • Dave Bibbs

    ..and when a douche like this can live long enough to reproduce, it’s proof the world is too safe a place.

  • Pendletd

    I was an ass once.. but it was the opposite.. I was telling my 4 year son (now 16) to slow down and do a pizza.. He promptly told me to shut up.. now I have to ski (they snowboard) to keep up with him and my other son (12)..

    Skiing and snowboarding with my two sons has been the highlight of my life.. I feel sorry for this guy…

  • Schankdawg

    You can point at the father and you can point at the instructor. As a former instructor and current coach, the worst thing to do for a child’s skiing development, is over-terrain. The habits they will form from being on uncomfortable terrain, will affect them on skis. If they are used to bombing steep runs in ‘the back seat’, and worrying more about ‘making it down’ than skiing it efficiently, then when you try to get them skiing well, they will be stuck in the back seat. They wont learn on the crazy runs, they learn on the easy runs and should take their skills to the steeps. teach them the basics and then let them send it.
    If i were the instructor in this video, I would of not allowed this to happen under my watch. Unless the father paid large sums of money to get it on video.

  • kato

    The thing I will comment on is that jab he gave his son with his ski poles. WTF!? Thats bully tactics, “come on” then jabs the poor kid in the back! I would of taken the father to a double black or even extreme terrain sign and started jabbing his stupid ass in the back yelling “come on!” Then when he wouldn’t moved i would shove is ass down the run. See how he likes it.

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