December 14, 2012

When I was at Powder, I saw hundreds of photos like this, probably thousands. After the first few, you become

When I was at Powder, I saw hundreds of photos like this, probably thousands. After the first few, you become calloused. The images, seen en masse, become commodities. It’s not that you aren’t stoked or moved by them but that you can’t let yourself be drawn into every one or you’d never get any work done. So you skim through the submissions and make an instant decision based on immediate reaction, intuition, experience. Hands in wrong place, no. Ski looks funky, no. Close, but is it a cover, no. When something outstanding stands out, it’s pretty obvious, and then maybe you give a little of yourself to the image.

The thing is, I’m not at Powder any more. And now when I see a photo like this it stops me in my tracks. Leroy sent me a couple dozen pictures to consider for Daily Pow and it totally blew the rest of my afternoon. With each shot I imagined I was the skier, the photographer, a bird flying overhead, the top snowflake on the highest chunk, a snow spider perched on a nearby rock. Time flies when you get weird. But that’s okay. For a photo like this, I have all day.

Photo by Lee Cohen.

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Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal.
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  • Jesse drees

    Mr. Casimiro,
    If I remember right that picture was on a Powder cover sometime around 1996. I had recently learned to ski in the U.P. of Michigan and that photo along with your writing made me start dreaming of living and skiing in the west. I have now spent ten years living in Vail and I make a living in the ski industry. Thanks for the continued inspiration.

  • Kim Kircher

    I get it. There is nothing at all like skiing within the snowpack. I’ve done it more times than I deserve. But when it does happen, it is magical. A photo that captures that moment is as close to the experience as I’ve ever seen. Thanks for this one.

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