Moments of Regret: Casing the Lip

If speed is your friend, isn’t it logical that a lack of speed is therefore your enemy? A young scientist

If speed is your friend, isn’t it logical that a lack of speed is therefore your enemy? A young scientist puts this hypothesis to the test. If you’re a typical North American kid, this will probably bring back memories, painful memories.

Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal.
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  • Justin

    As a parent, I loathe the reaction of the “mom” in that clip. Kids are going to get hurt, they will break bones, its time we start embracing that fact. Pick your kids up when they fall… don’t roll roll them down the street in a protective bubble…

    • Jay Canode

      As a 40 year old kid who still BMX’s…I love the giggling reaction of the kids after the incident.

    • Murph

      Protective bubble? Man, she’s there watching everything and it looks like she was even setting the ramps up again. Yes, she went over and checked the kid out, but hey, that was a pretty good crash.

      I like the fact that the kid got right up, grabbed his bike, and looked like he was all set for another shot at it.

      • bryan

        yip, the “mom” is shouting “that’s it. that’s it. everybody go. we’re done” at least that’s what i heard? but the kids are pretty amped. Jackson will one day again feature on AJ.. one day :)

      • Justin

        To amend my previous statement – at least she was involved and allowed this to occur in the first place… Props for that. But if you are going to condone the activity – be prepared for the consequences. She did overreact by a wide margin. That kid was good to go, I’m bummed he didn’t get a chance at redemption.

  • Matt

    Memories of last Fall, more like.

  • MarkG2

    Been there done that. I knocked myself out and my grandma called the ambulance. They tell me I would ot for a minute. No long term harm done.

  • John

    whats with kids these days and the pre fab jumps. I remember scrap wood propped on hay bales, dirt from an empty lot hauled in a wagon and other rickety attempts at engineering

  • Chris

    Here’s a big thanks to my mom for NEVER reacting like that to all the things I crashed as a kid. She never told me I couldn’t push myself and risk consequences, and it’s probably a big part of why I haven’t stopped yet.

  • Richard Lamb

    For some of us who never “grow up” it still happens! I busted my right arm in 4 places a couple years ago doing a free ride trail on my mtn bike that had 3 table top jumps. It was my first time doing table tops and the run prior I had finally gotten the speed perfect and that felt DAMN RIPPIN GOOD! So of course I HAD to go do it again! one last time before I call it a day…

    Down the trail I went and after the initial quick jump to build up speed I veered to the left (still not sure WHY????) and blew the fist table top, really BAD! I rolled off the left side and cartwheeled a few times and ended up face first in the dirt! Ya dat hurt!!! It REALLY hurt!! All this at the spritely age of 51!! Folks who saw my “fail” still talk about it! LOL!

    I’d rather bust up my arm than sit nice n safe surfin the channels in a lazy boy! Props to the kid who had to learn the power of speed the hard way!

    I have NO regrets and still love my trail riding!

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