Ski the 80s Redux: Progression is Regression

To get the most of this video, it’s best to have spent the 1980s skiing in Easter egg colors, plastered

To get the most of this video, it’s best to have spent the 1980s skiing in Easter egg colors, plastered in head to toe with brands like Descente, SOS, Degre 7, Hard Corps, and Reusch, among the many others that have gone the way of Spademan bindings. If that describes you, hit start. I lost track of how many times I laughed out loud.

“Progression in Regression” was produced by the Bridger Brigade and won last weekend’s Bridger Bowl Point and Chute video competition, which awards a grand to the top three short films shot within the boundaries of the Montana hill. It honors Tom Jungst, Greg Stump, skinny skis, and a whole lot pants-load more from the decade de la extréme.

Did you spend the 80s windsurfing with Zinka on your nose? Weren’t even born in the 80s? Doesn’t matter. Hit start, pilgrim, and learn about the man who went so far off-axis, he was in fact on-axis.

Hat tip to Sinuhe Xavier

Steve Casimiro is the editor of Adventure Journal.
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  • Jared Hoke

    Oh yeah … he be BAD. I never skied on those then-ubiquitous Dynastars, but my current Atomics have only a slight side cut, and I’m still using (and loving) my SX-90 Equipe boots (hey. They FIT!) and Kerma Team poles (they’re a bit bent, now, but still right on). And I still point ’em downhill and go like hell. Rock and ROLL!!

  • Chard

    Carrying your beacon in a fanny pack! Why didn’t I think of that?

  • KatieSue

    like the old juicy fruit add…but better!

  • Murph

    Was I really that cool??
    Nah, nobody ever accused me of being cool.
    I’ve got a basement with some relics from the 80’s – VO Slaloms, KVC’s, etc. I’d kill myself if I tried skiing on those now.

  • Jeremiah

    Flashbacks to the day that this Alaskan boy was banned from Breckenridge because he brought his dad’s 200cm Hexel demos complete with LEASHES.

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