A Cross Bike Almost Too Pretty for Cross

Rich Roat isn’t Richard Sachs. The former designs fonts for a living for an outfit called House Industries. The latter


Rich Roat isn’t Richard Sachs. The former designs fonts for a living for an outfit called House Industries. The latter is a godfather of custom bikes in the United States, with a waiting list that often stretches to three years. Roat, however, has been deeply involved helping Sachs reboot his visual presentation and design, especially the R.S. lettering that appears as a continuous filigree on Sachs bikes. The result is a tweaked use of a font called Neutraface No. 2 Titling, and the debut appears on Richard Sachs’ latest beauty, one of ten House industries Richard Sachs Cyclocross frames made specifically for Sachs’ pro cyclocross team.


The new logo graces the head tube and is repeated in a wrap of the seat tube, and that’s Neutraface No. 2 Tilting on the top tube as well, and then is more subtly deployed at the dropouts. Roat says you’ll find the font all over the place in the graphic world, too. “It hides in plain sight quite a bit. The New Yorker uses it liberally. It’s on the covers of Adele’s albums; the Skyfall movie logo and the environmental signage of the Ibis hotel I stayed in last week in Paris. Neutraface sort of finds us these days.”


Should you care about something other than the font, the bike comes with a very cool crank setup from SRAM, designed to work with a built-in Stages Powermeter, and team members can choose from either carbon or alloy tubulars wheels from Cole, with sew-ups from Challenge. You’ll note that Sachs is a traditionalist — no disc rotors on this beauty, with cleaner looking Cane Creek cantilever rim brakes doing stopping duty. Not that you’d expect anything else from a bike with Sachs’ personally drawn Columbus tubing and, naturally, a squared off fork crown — nope, not even a carbon fork.


Even though that’s what cross bikes do, it seems a shame to get it dirty. Hope the pit crew responsible for keeping these rigs clean at least tries not to scratch the sweet Joe Bell paintwork. And yes, if you’re willing to wait, you can buy one, too.


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  • Jeff Brines
    Jeff Brines

    Lugged frames. Sexy.

  • Carson

    Flat crown forks. Also sexy.

  • Eric Müttee
    Eric Müttee

    oooh la la!

  • Jay Long

    Very nice, indeed. Wonder what the price tag on that baby is. Three year waiting list, though. Definitely a beautiful, smart machine.

  • Malcolm Daly

    Worst thing I ever did was sell my Sachs road bike back in the ’80s. Still miss that thing.

  • Jody Hershbine

    This is one drool worthy rig… I definitely need to start hoarding my pennies.

  • Joseph Kozelka

    It’s a bike. Like the colour, unusual. I Don, the much has been changed in bike frame design over the years. This bike seems to take a classic let frame approach. What cann improve? Lighter frame and components? Smother gear change? Better breaks? Who really uses 30 gears? I might use 6. When traveling at around 30 miles per hour, how much does special clothing really help? Please show me a truly revolutionary bike that is practice, that goes much faster, that makes all the women fancy the rider, that makes ones pathetic life genuinely better, more meaningful, that solves all the world’s problems, that is the key to creating eutopia on earth.

  • hockdub

    Steel is real!

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