Scarpa Crux Canvas Approach Shoes

An abbreviated history of canvas in performance athletic shoes: 1917: Converse introduces the “All Star,” later to become Chuck Taylor

adventure journal scrap canvas crux approach shoes
An abbreviated history of canvas in performance athletic shoes:

1917: Converse introduces the “All Star,” later to become Chuck Taylor All Stars.

1976: Rocky Balboa trains for fight with Apollo Creed, wearing Chuck Taylor All Stars for his morning runs through the city of Philadelphia

2009 (or so): Outdoor footwear companies begin to introduce canvas approach shoes for climbing and scrambling.

Scarpa introduced the Crux Canvas in spring 2013, a development not at all related to Rocky Balboa’s training regimen or the predominant footwear choice of American basketball players from the 1920s through the 1970s. But they are some damn solid approach shoes, if my testing this summer is any indication.

The Crux Canvas is a bit lighter than the leather Crux (12.4 ounces per shoe compared to the leather Crux at 13.9 ounces per shoe), and breathes better than leather approach shoes. It’s got a low profile, which is great for times when the approach hike goes from Class 2 to Class 4 to low 5th Class and you have to make a couple of moves on small footholds. The Vibram Vertical Approach outsole stuck on smears and small features on granite. Some reviews of the Crux have claimed the sole is a little thin, but I did a handful of short approach hikes and two 5-mile-plus approaches in them, one with a 40-pound pack, and had no noticeable issues.

Available in men’s and women’s.

$99 LINK

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  • Jay Long

    Nice looking shoe. Price tag is not bad, either.

  • KLP

    Awesome shoe. Currently using the leather version on a backpacking trip for a year and they have been great on all terrain even as mentioned on some small footholds, and steep bouldering sections. Great review, which i would have went canvas now to save some weight.

  • Marc Lindenbach

    I can’t say enough good things about this shoe! I’ve worn them hundreds of times this year. Walking around downtown, big multiday backpacking trips, easy solos and approaches in squamish, big approaches in the Rockies, even on a 12 pitch Rockies alpine classic…The only place I’ve had trouble with them is on snowfields. Even then… So stoked on this shoe.

  • Chris

    I picked up a pair of these in August, and they are fantastic. I do prefer to do my approach hikes and climbs in low tops whenever I don’t need crampons, and these shoes perform fantastically well. I got the shoe “street sized” and all of my concerns about a looser fit vanished the first time I climbed steep 4th. I’ve even lead a 5.7 alpine route last weekend in them.

    I short, this is the best low-top approach shoe I’ve owned in the last 15 years.

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