'That Girl's Gonna Get Herself Killed'

"I have been very, very stupid. So why am I still alive? If you are someone who ventures into the wilderness, you don’t want the answer to that question."

By Krista Diamond


Canyon Years

"We’d deep-stashed our phones and put our worldly lives on hiatus, making way not just for shenanigans but really for the rustle of the eddies, the creak of the oarlocks, and the trill of the canyon wren."

By Nick Paumgarten | Photos by Pete McBride and Rick Chapman

Weekend Cabin

Not too little, not too big


Lighting the Darkest Dark

“I knew I had to find a way of making my career something to do with making pictures in caves. It had to be my life.”

Cave photographer Robbie Shone


Mickey Muñoz Is a Fish

"Muñoz came at the right time, with the right body, with a sense of water that propelled him into competitions and films. He designed, shaped, and sold his own boards, crafted his own style and moves, and took on some of the biggest waves in the world formerly thought unsurfable."

By Craig Childs


Places I’ve Carried* My Bike

*And pushed, pulled, dragged, dropped, walked, rappelled, slushed, submerged, and llama’d it

By Steve Fassbinder

Three Square

Did Someone say 'pineapple tacos'?

We did! Plus shaken oats with apples and bananas and a stir fry to look forward to all day.